Is there a delivery fee?

No!  Delivery is included at no additional charge.

Can I use my own bottles?

Yes.  If you already have your own bottles, just let us know. They must be sanitized prior to refilling, but we are happy to refill your bottles onsite. This must be coordinated prior to delivery, and we will give you instructions on how to properly sanitize. 

What if I order a starter bundle but need additional bottles of certain products?

You can always add additional products to your initial order or at a later date.  After adding your starter bundle to your cart, simply shop for additional products on the Shop page.  If you discover that you need additional bottles after the fact, let us know when you schedule a refill and we will deliver them at the time of your refill. 

What is the price for refills?

Refills are sold by the ounce.  With a monthly subscription you will pay about .50 cents less per ounce on average than without the subscription! The price per ounce depends on the product.

What if I need delivery more than twice a month?

We are happy to make an extra delivery to subscribers.  If you find that you need refills more than twice a month regularly, consider purchasing additional bottles of those items.