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R'Mac's Bees Wraps

Hello, my name is Rachel McIntosh. I believe in being nice and picking up trash. Over the past few years I have become passionate about sustainability and reuse. My goal is to lessen my footprint by using less! I started making bees wraps to eliminate the need for single use plastics in my household and thought “heck, I should make some of these for friends.” After being asked to make multiple batches for friends and family, it naturally just evolved into a sustainable side hustle. Along with my husband, Andy, I source material locally and make the wraps in the kitchen of our home. Its a great way to spend time together at night instead of watching TV! Our hope is to encourage others to eliminate single use plastics from their lives and do their part to make the world just a little better. Thank you for checking out what we do at Rmac’s Bees Wraps.

Will 'Caddy Maker' Price

My workshop is my sanctuary. It is my space to think, design, create, repurpose, and recreate the world around me. Growing up, I always loved drawing and tinkering, but nowadays I have really found my passion as a maker, specifically in woodworking. I prefer to use found or salvaged materials in my building projects. Much of the wood and other materials that I work with have been pulled out of dumpsters or found on the side of the road. When I do purchase new materials, I am intentional to use only what I need for a project so that any scraps or surplus can be saved for future creations. I take pride in reducing my need to buy materials, but I also take great joy in taking something worn and broken and making it beautiful or useful once again. Check out some of my recent projects on my Instagram, @williamhmaker.